As a part of the ABC WW1 Centenary activities, Electric Pictures was commissioned to produce a 4 x 1 hour drama doc about the Australian experience of The Great War.  It will go to air in August this year.

The series focuses on the lives of six Australians as they negotiate life during the war. They include a foot soldier, a General, a nurse, a militant anti-war activist, a peace campaigner and a pro-war crusader. Their transformative journeys through conflict on the battlefront and at home are brought to life through a blend of personal testimony, dramatic reconstruction, expert analysis, location filming and archive.

The series crew and cast were exceptional. And over a 6 week period (November and December 2013) the drama crew worked hard in Perth and it’s surrounds to bring to life our six characters moving through the war years. Locations at which we filmed include Haynes Dump for most of the action war scenes, the Cottesloe Civic Centre, Leighton Beach, and the Fremantle Wharf (above).  Many pics from ‘behind the scenes’ showing the crew at work can be found on our Facebook Page.

We will keep you posted re the Broadcast date, expected to be in August.