Bom Bali

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Project Description

Bom Bali

1 x 90 minute dramatised feature documentary

The horrific attacks of 12 October, 2002 are remembered by the Balinese in one simple phrase: Bom Bali. Two hundred and two people died when Indonesian terrorists exploded bombs in the island’s most popular nightspots: the Sari Club and Paddy’s Pub. Several hundred others survived, many with horrific injuries.

The story of Bom Bali is told by survivors, the family and friends of those who were killed, and by the bombers themselves. The details they supply of the attack and its horrific aftermath are graphic and disturbing. And as they reach the fourth anniversary of the bombing they must come to terms with a world vastly different from the one before the attack – a world in which acts of indiscriminate terror have become a fact of life. Their lives have changed forever, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Golden Tripod Award, Australian Cinematographers Society 2008
Hors Concours Award, Banff World Festival Television 2007
Outstanding Achievement Award Documentary Production, WA Screen Awards 2007

Director  Steve Westh
Writers  Steve Westh & Phil Craig
Director of Photography  Peter Coleman
Editor  Lawrie Silvestrin
Producer  Andrew Ogilvie & Phil Craig
An Electric Pictures and Brook Lapping Production 2006

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