No Milk No Honey

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Project Description

No Milk No Honey

1 x 54 minute documentary

At the end of the First World War many British ex-servicemen joined the queues of the unemployed. When films and glossy brochures appeared promising ‘a new life, a new start on your own dairy farm in the paradise of Western Australia’, unsuspecting British families travelled to the other side of the world under a hastily-conceived immigration program known as the Group Settlement Scheme.

But instead of the promised paradise, Group Settlers were greeted by an unforgiving, alien landscape and a harsh, regimented lifestyle. Those who stayed were determined to survive, despite the hardships. They gradually cleared the bush and turned it into pasture, developing the south-west into the ‘land of milk and honey’ it is today.

Director and Writer  Franco Di Chiera
Director of Photography  Ian Pugsley
Editor  Peter Pritchard
Producer  Andrew Ogilvie
An Electric Pictures and Film Australia Production 1997

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