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Project Description

Tug of Love

1 x 52 minute documentary

Australia has one of the highest rates of parental child abduction in the world, and almost every week another child disappears. But they aren’t being snatched by predatory strangers – in almost every case, children are abducted by a parent

In Tug of Love we meet the parents who are ‘left-behind’ when their children are taken, and we meet the ‘taken’ children whose sense of security may be forever changed by their abduction. We meet Vincent when, after thirteen months of searching, he finally tracks down his daughter and begins the seemingly impossible quest to get her back. We meet Ellen who is shattered by her son’s abduction  by her ex-partner, and Liss who is still angry and haunted by a sense of loss 26 years after her mother abducted her. Tug of Love closely follows the parents and children who struggle to understand parental child abduction.

Director  Tosca Looby
Writers  Tosca Looby & Victor Gentile
Editor  David Fosdick
Producer  Andrew Ogilvie
An Electric Pictures Production 2004

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