100 Days to Victory is a gripping account of the last 100 Days of the First World War, telling the story of how the Allied generals worked together in new ways to win the war.

Exciting and dramatic, this 2 part docudrama from Electric Pictures and Bristow Global Media Inc. brings WWI’s finest multinational feat of arms vividly to life. Four of history’s most visionary leaders Marshal Ferdinand Foch (France), Field Marshal Douglas Haig (Britain), General John Monash (Australia) and General Arthur Currie (Canada) came together to defeat the enemy with unprecedented teamwork and innovation.

Executive Producer Andrew Ogilvie began his journey with 100 Days to Victory in 2014 when Electric Pictures produced a dramatised documentary mini-series called The War That Changed Us to commemorate the beginning of WWI:

It was a critical success, and having immersed ourselves in the history of the War, it wasn’t long before we started to research stories we could tell to mark the centenary of the end of the War, in 2018.

We soon decided that the events on the battlefields over the last hundred days of WWI provided an opportunity to talk about the end of the War in a more upbeat way than is usual. During this period, the Allies worked together more effectively than before to perfect strategies that, after four years of devastating conflict, finally helped to turn the tide, and defeat the German Army in just a few months.

The close collaboration between Australian General John Monash and Canadian General Arthur Currie was central to the Allies’ success. When all else had failed, the leaders of the British and French armies allowed these younger generals to develop the more ambitious plan of employing combined forces en masse to push back the German Army. This culminated in the Battle of Amiens, in August 1918, and marked the beginning of what has been called ‘the hundred days campaign’. It is an exciting story and a high point in both Australia’s and Canada’s military history. As such, it is also perfect subject material for a co-production between our countries and I was very pleased when Canadian prod-co Bristow Global Media agreed to join with Electric Pictures to make the program.

In addition to the current broadcast on History Channel, Foxtel in Australia, 100 Days to Victory is also being played out on History Channel Canada, and SkyTV New Zealand. Recent screenings include BBC2 and BBC Scotland.

The production of 100 Days to Victory is supported by Foxtel in Australia, Corus Entertainment in Canada and BBC Scotland in the UK. Funding has also been made available by Screen Australia, Screenwest, Canada Media Fund and our distributor Kew Media.