Yes, the production of Aussie Gold Hunters Season Five is well underway!

With 20 episodes to fill the Electric Pictures’ production team is running full tilt shooting and editing Season Five. This season seven teams of gold hunters – the largest number in the show’s history – assemble across the vast expanse of the Australian wilderness. They’re driven by the record-breaking price of Australian gold, the increasing number of big nuggets found lying close to the surface, and the belief that they too could land a monster nugget.

This season introduces three new teams of rookie detectorists, lured by the prospect that their metal detectors will target a huge nugget and give them the freedom to pack in their day jobs. In addition to these small time prospectors, who exclusively hunt nuggets buried barely 30cm beneath the surface, this season also includes a new larger-scale mining team. They dig deeper and employ several different types of gold processing plants in an attempt to recover every gram of gold from their paydirt.

A second team from the state of Victoria also enters the hunt this season. They’re neighbours, friends and competition to the Victoria Diggers, who last season, delivered Aussie Gold Hunters the biggest gold ever unearthed on network television – a $200,000 monster nugget!

We expect Season Five to go to air on Discovery mid year 2020.