Our 6 part TV series, Submariners is now available for streaming on VOD

Submariners is an underwater road movie where we get up close and personal with the men and women who crew the HMAS Rankin. As the newest of Australia’s controversial Collins Class Submarines the Rankin undertakes a journey from Western Australia to Korea, Japan, Hawaii, and back home again. On the way, Rankin participates in deep water rescue exercises off the coast of Korea, and cat and mouse manoeuvres with the US Navy in Hawaiian waters, leading up to RIMPAC: the world’s biggest naval war games.

We get to know the Rankin crew intimately, all of whom are keen to prove their worth and overcome the Collins Class’ controversial reputation. We also gain an insight into the pressures borne by the families left behind as we watch the submariners, and a remarkable career choice, that sees them shut away from the world, their families and friends, for months at a time.

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