Season Seven goes to air on Discovery Channel 2 June in ANZ.

For the first time in history, Australia is now the biggest gold producer in the world. Huge hauls and record prices are driving a twenty-first century gold rush, fuelling competition from around the globe.

This season the Poseidon Crew sell their multi-million-dollar plant to finance a dig on gold ground that could hold a 1,000oz nugget; team Jacqui Buzetti and Andrew Leahy venture deep into the extreme tropical heat and snake ridden wilderness of Far North Queensland; and new team, the Gold Retrievers, launch $250,000 in debt, desperate for their huge mining operation to save their season. Returning teams, Marcus, Linden and Dale, tackle their riskiest, most expensive venture yet with their own lease and big machinery, while Shane and Russell gamble their financial futures on an epic expedition in search of big nuggets. In the remote Pilbara region, the fight to find gold in this extreme landscape tears the Ferals apart, while the Goldtimers suffer a catastrophe before the hope of selling their lease could land them a $100,000 payday.