Aussie Gold Hunters is an unscripted, character-based 8 part factual series, set against the epic backdrop of the Western Australian Goldfields. Each one-hour episode interweaves the stories of our three prospecting teams as they move towards their season-long gold targets. Storytelling happens ‘in the moment’ with action unfolding before our eyes in dynamic, direct action sequences that lead toward the all important ‘cleanups’ that reveal how much gold each character has found.

The action stems from our prospectors’ all out efforts to unearth the gold they need to survive. Heavy machinery, heavy work, mining and prospecting, innovations and hard labour, physical mishaps, and the harsh elements are all part of the rich visual landscape of the series.

A special feature of the series is the prolific use of drone aerial footage which reveals the Australian outback from a stunning new perspective.

The narrative follows a rollercoaster journey of highs and lows: elation and joy at finding gold one minute, and the bleak despair of striking nothing but dirt the next. In witnessing the experiences of our prospectors on the Goldfields, we get a revealing glimpse of the harsh reality of pursuing dreams of gold.

The series premieres on Discovery channel, Quest TV, in the UK on Monday 1 August at 9pm.  It is expected to go to air in Australia mid September – we will keep you posted.