The crew at Electric Pictures have almost finished the Aussie Gold Hunters shoot for Season Four, and the edit is well underway. And this season we have a surprise. A Team from the East make an appearance – the Victoria Diggers!

Season Four of Aussie Gold Hunters has our WA teams continue to scour the vast and extreme landscapes of the central goldfields, while our new team from the state of Victoria are hoping to chase down a seventy-kilo monster nugget! And their goal is no pipe dream. Victoria is home to the biggest gold nuggets ever found on the planet, and this crew are determined to find one bigger.

With new goldfields, rockslides, mechanical breakdowns and mineshaft collapses, the hunt is poised to go to the next level. Striking deep into the desert interior will require deeper pockets as the crews have to battle harder than ever to outwit the stiff competition, fend off the gold thieves, and manage their precious cash flows. All the while these battlers must find the stamina to reach their targets in blistering conditions. It’s just plain tough and tougher.

Aussie Gold Hunters Season Four is due to be delivered to Discovery mid 2019. Watch this space for broadcast dates.