Drain The Oceans goes to air in Australian and New Zealand on Tuesday 7 August at 8.30pm AEST.

We are very excited to see the series we co-produced, with concept originator Mallinson Sadler Productions, go to air in our home territory next Tuesday 7 August on National Geographic Channel.

Filmed around the world Drain The Oceans uses computer generated graphics to ‘drain’ away the globe’s waters and reveal the mysteries, secrets and natural wonders that lie beneath. We use a range of data – from bathymetric sonar scans to video footage and photogrammetry, with sophisticated CGI, to create highly accurate three-dimensional models of what we find on the bottom of our oceans, lakes and rivers. Our CGI teams were able to recreate natural wonders, shipwrecks, ancient ruins and other human artefacts that can be found on the sea floor – revealing them in unprecedented detail, as if they were on dry land. For the first time we are able to see what these places look like on a grand scale, and with a clarity that is simply not possible using traditional underwater photography.

Add to this mix, high-quality fully-animated recreations of what the ships, ancient ruins and human artefacts looked like before they where consigned to the deep, and you have a unique set of tools with which to tell exciting maritime stories in a highly innovative way. And at times we go further, ‘draining’ away sand and layers of sedimentary rock to reveal what lies below.

The stories that this series tells are limited only by the imagination of what is possible to achieve with this amazing technique. In the series we reconstruct the sinking of a Mongol fleet off the coast of Japan in the 13th Century, and then more than 600 years later the sinking of the Yamato – the heaviest and most powerful battle ship ever constructed during WWII. We accompany treasure hunters to find sunken shipwrecks packed with silver, gold and precious stones; we explore the remains of ancient drowned cities in the Mediterranean; and we use the ‘drain’ technique to uncover the lost wonders of ancient Egypt – shedding new light on the military power behind the Egyptian Empire, and the origins of the Pharaohs’ obsession with the afterlife.

In other episodes we use the ‘drain’ technique to explain how under-water earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and giant tsunamis threaten hundreds of millions of people living around the Pacific Ocean; and to reveal how it is believed the impact of a huge meteor in the Gulf of Mexico wiped out the dinosaurs. We explore the incredible infrastructure that connects oil fields in the Gulf to USA mainland; as well as a network of underwater cables in Asia that are vital to the operation of the World-Wide-Web.

Closer to home, one of the episodes Malaysia Airlines 370 uses exclusive access – to air-crash investigators, news archive, and data collected by the most expensive search ever undertaken for a missing aircraft – to reveal what is currently known about the tragic disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. It shows, in amazing detail, that part of the Indian Ocean where the plane will most likely be found one day, and uses computer generated animation to explore theories as to what really happened.

It’s been a huge undertaking by many talented people to get this series completed and we look forward to Drain The Oceans  being rolled out world-wide.