To many, the West is home to billionaires and bogans just lucky enough to be living on a mountain of iron ore. And the capital Perth, the city of mining booms, is the driver of Australia’s much touted two-speed economy, tucked away on the other side of the Nation. But whilst Perth may be one of the remotest capital cities in the world, boasting a high share of self-made millionaires, it’s not all about mining.

We made this 6 part series right here in our hometown Perth. We spent over a year following seven entrepreneurs to see how they do it: how they tamed the West and made themselves. You’ll watch the seven as they make their way in our boom or bust city through great triumphs, life changing innovation, and battles for survival. We peel back the red dirt veneer of the West and reveal engaging stories from the other side of ‘Boomtown’.

Boomtown commences on ABC TV from 15 December 2013 on Sunday nights at 6.30pm.

The Boomtown DVD is now available for sale.