Project Description

100 Days to Victory

 TV documentary series

2 x 50 minutes

From command headquarters to the frontlines, 100 Days to Victory  from Electric Pictures and Bristow Global Media Inc. vividly tells the story behind WWI’s finest multinational feat of arms, revealing how a war that had ground on for 1,000 days was won in just 100.

Told in an accessible, popular style, this inspiring drama documentary reveals how visionary Allied leadership, revolutionary tactics, new technology and the indomitable bravery and skill of the Australian, Canadian, French, New Zealand, Scottish and other British forces, turned the tide to win the Great War.

100 Days to Victory offers a fresh and appealing approach: one that is focused upon victory against the odds, a victory only made possible through great feats of courage, determination and ingenuity.  This version of the events of 1918 will remind audiences of a genre they are familiar with from the movies: the super-hero movie. Faced with overwhelming jeopardy, our heroes must rise above past disasters, overcome their own personal demons and, in the face of appalling circumstances, find a way to triumph. They do so by experimenting with new ideas and learning to trust each other.

The Allied generals’ tactics are innovative. The battles of 1918 embody what came to be known 25 years later as ‘total war’ – fought out of the trenches, in towns, across bridges and canals, scaling hillsides, using covert penetration at night, ‘bite and hold’ tactics, and – for the first time – carefully co-ordinated massed artillery, tanks, aircraft and infantry. They developed all arms warfare and it is how we still fight wars today. Based on vivid personal testimonies, we bring the generals’ battle plans and the searing experience of our front-line fighters powerfully to life.

Through cinematic recreations, interviews with top historians and state-of-the-art CGI, 100 Days to Victory is a gripping account of the last 100 Days of the First World War.

Series Director & Writer  Don Featherstone
Drama Director  Tim Wolochatiuk
Writer Greg Beer
Editor Lawrie Silvestrin ASE
Director of Photography Documentary  Torstein Dyrting ACS
Director of Photography Drama  Marcus Elliott
Executive Producers  Andrew Ogilvie, Andrea Quesnelle, Phil Craig, Julie Bristow & Marlo Miazga
An Electric Pictures and Bristow Global Media Production 2018