Project Description

Audrey of the Alps

1 x 76 minute feature documentary

Audrey Douville left her suburban home at 16 to pursue farming. Now as a young woman, and accompanied by her boyfriend Maxime, she undertakes five months of isolated living high in the French Alps.

Living is basic: Audrey and Maxime wash in buckets and heat water on gas stove tops. Whilst their first shepherd’s cabin has car access, which they use to journey down to the nearest town once in awhile for supplies, the other cabins are a long walk from the road. It’s a simple existence.

Leading their flock of 1700 sheep over common pastures for a summer season, Audrey is largely unprepared for what happens. Her romantic sojourn in the mountains becomes a struggle to deal with physical hardship, the cruelties of peasant-style farming, and conflicts with her partner.

Join Audrey on a personal journey through the French Alps as she strives to come to grips with life as a farmer.

Winner First Factual Film Festival (F4) Awards representing Australia’s most promising emerging factual filmmakers 2013
Winner Best Direction in a Documentary Feature, Australian Directors Guild Awards 2013
Nominated Best Foreign Documentary, St Tropez International Film Festival 2013
Nominated Foxtel Australian Documentary Prize, Sydney International Film Festival 2013

French Language with English subtitles
Director and Photographer  Grace McKenzie
Editor  Grace McKenzie
Producer  Claire Jager
An Electric Pictures Production 2012