Project Description

Dinosaur Dealers

2 x 52 minute documentary

Dinosaur hunters, fossil cops, shady dealers, and the smuggling of prehistoric relics. From outback Australia to the ‘Badlands’ of USA and ‘fossil goldfields’ of China – this is the world of the the illegal trade in rare and invaluable fossils. Our intrepid crew go undercover to find out who’s stealing, who’s selling, and who’s buying this precious cargo.

Episode 1  Fossil Fever
In Beijing, Chinese scientists are racing against time to protect rare and invaluable fossils from hordes of looters with links to wealthy dealers and collectors in the West. In South Dakota, dinosaur hunters Fred & Candy Nuss are hoping to repeat the success of their recent exciting oviraptor find.

Episode 2  Stealing Time
In the dead of night, ‘fossil rustlers’ hack out rare stegosaurus footprints from an Aboriginal sacred site in north-west Australia. Beyond Australia’s shores, the illegal trade is booming and that has scientists and governments worried. Just how extensive is this shadowy world of international fossil smugglers? Who’s stealing? Who’s selling? And who’s buying?

Honorable Mention, Social Issues Division, Columbus International Film Festival 2003

Director and Writer  Alan Carter
Director of Photography  Ian Pugsley
Editor  Peter Pritchard
Producer  Andrew Ogilvie
An Alley Kat and Electric Pictures Co-Production 2002