Project Description

Drain The Oceans

 TV documentary series

10 x 47 minutes

Draw back the world’s oceans and what do you see?

In Drain The Oceans the globe’s waters are drained away to reveal natural wonders, explore legends and mysteries, and tell the stories of sunken vessels and lost treasures. We find the resting place of Nazi secrets, and evidence of trade, slavery and war. We find clues to the ancient Egyptian’s obsession with the afterlife, and ask why it is that so many today want to believe in the legendary Atlantis? We look inside the longest, most costly search in aviation history, and how it is that we can lose a jetliner with 239 people on board – the MH370. Amazing CGI and photography, based on the work of top marine archaeologists and the latest scientific data, beautifully reveal the globe’s underside and with it the watery puzzles, secrets and mysteries that capture our imagination.

The series criss-crosses the Globe with visits to the China Seas, Gulf of Mexico, Mediterranean, Nile, Pacific Rim, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea.

Electric Pictures’ Credits
Directors  John Hyde, Anthony Barwell, Chris Thorburn, Peter Rees & Alex Barry
Camera Operators Torstein Dyrting, Jim Frater, Rick Rifici, John Templeton,
Riaan Laubscher, Adam Geiger, John Hillyer, Rod Campbell & Tim Mills
Editors Jonnie Morris, Susan Harvey, David Fosdick &  Alan Iverson
Executive Producers  Andrew Ogilvie, Crispin Sadler, Phil Craig & Andrea Quesnelle
A Mallinson Sadler Productions and Electric Pictures Production 2018