Project Description

Enigma Man: A Stone Age Mystery

1 x 57 minute documentary

A team of Australian and Chinese scientists discover mysterious ancient human remains from a remote cave in South West China. The bones are unlike any living human or any ancient human known to science, yet they were alive at the same time as humans of our own kind. Could they represent a new human species? And if so, what happened to these people?

Join the investigation to unravel the mystery and travel back in time into the stone age world of the Enigma Man. These ancient bones challenge everything we think we know about human evolution and raise possibly the biggest question of all – what truly makes us human?

Winner Best docudrama, ATOM Awards 2014
Winner Silver Award Documentaries, Cinema & TV,  Australian Cinematographers Society Awards (WA) 2014
Nominated Best Human and Social Sciences Program, Jackson Hole Science Media Awards 2014

Director and Writer  Daniella Ortega
Consultant Director and Dramatic Reconstructions  Steve Westh
Director of Photography  Jim Frater
Editor  Lawrie Silvestrin
Producer  Andrew Ogilvie
An Electric Pictures Production 2013