Project Description

Gallipoli Submarine

1 x 52 minute dramatised documentary

An Irish commander. An Australian submarine. An amazing episode in the ill-fated Gallipoli Campaign that history has overlooked for almost a hundred years. Gallipoli Submarine traces the incredible true story of the Australian submarine AE2 and her 32 man crew. A dramatic re-enactment of her terrifying dive into enemy territory is combined with documentary footage of a modern day scientific expedition to determine if the submarine can be saved.

AE2 has been lying in 75 metres of water at the bottom of the Sea of Marmara for almost a hundred years. After a confrontation with a Turkish gunboat her commander Henry Stoker abandoned her, opened her tanks and scuttled her. AE2 was rediscovered in 1998 by a team of Turkish divers. She is clearly deteriorating. Her upper deck casing is corroded, and fishing nets and anchor chains from surface shipping have done considerable damage to her bow. However, she is buried in fine, deep silt up to the level of her waterline, and this may have done much to preserve her main pressure hull. In 2007 the Submarine Institute of Australia mount an archaeological expedition to determine whether the corrosion and damage has passed the point of no return.

Electric Pictures and Mallinson Sadler Productions have been granted exclusive access to this expedition that brings together some of the world’s most experienced technical divers, top marine archaeologists and, high ranking submariners. Together, they photograph the wreck and make a complete archaeological survey to assess her future.

Best Historical Documentary, World Festival of Underwater Pictures (Festival Mondial de l’image Sous-Marine) 2008
Lotterywest Award for Excellence in Craft, Visual Effects, WA Screen Awards 2009
Lotterywest Award for Excellence in Craft, Original Music Composition, WA Screen Awards 2009

Director and Writer  Steve Westh
Director of Photography  Ian Batt
Editor  Nicholas Dunlop
Producers  Andrew Ogilvie & Crispin Sadler
An Electric Pictures and Mallinson Sadler Production 2008