Project Description

The Hunt for HMAS Sydney

1 x 55 minute documentary

Follow the world’s top shipwreck hunter, David Mearns, as he makes history by finding the HMAS Sydney II, solving one of Australia’s most tragic and enduring mysteries.

The Hunt for HMAS Sydney gives an eyewitness account of the quest to find the Sydney and its crew of 645 sailors, ending 66 years of speculation and anguish. It follows an unprecedented multi-million dollar search and reveals its extraordinary history: a deadly World War II encounter on the high seas, a secret code hidden inside a dictionary and a mysterious body found in an island grave.

The film includes the history of the Sydney and the German raider Kormoran, interviews with bereaved family members, naval personnel, historians, and those who have made the search happen with their dogged determination to bring closure, showing the potent and powerful impact of post-traumatic stress that results from wartime tragedy.

And using computer-generated animation, The Hunt for HMAS Sydney recreates the battle that cost hundreds of lives and the pride of the Royal Australian Navy.

Readers’ Choice Award, Best Local Feature Documentary,  Sydney Morning Herald Couch Potato Awards 2008.

Supervising Director and Writer  Rob McAuley
Directors Rob McAuley & Mathew Kelley
Director of Photography  Ulrich Krafzik
Editors  Matthew Clifton, Lawrie Silvestrin & Sam Wallin
Producers Andrew Ogilvie & Andrea Quesnelle
An Electric Pictures and Film Australia Production 2008