Project Description

Painting Country

1 x 52 minute documentary

Painting Country follows a journey back to the traditional country of ten indigenous artists from the outback community of Balgo in North Western Australia.

Whilst the  origins of their art lie in traditional sand and body paintings these Warlayirti Artists are famous for their hot bright colours, bold composition and creative brush techniques. In less than 20 years their work has evolved into one of the most innovative movements of modern art in Australia.

Through remote desert landscapes and on tracks that have not been used for many years, the artists travel as far as spectacular Lake Mackay and onto Jupiter Well deep in the Gibson Desert. Most were born deep in the desert where they lived a nomadic life until the impact of white settlement forced them to seek sanctuary in missions such as Balgo. During the journey we hear their life stories and witness their humour as they find spiritual re-connection with their traditional land.

Silver Chris Award, Best Overall in Arts Division, Columbus International Film and Video Festival 2001
Finalist, Best Documentary, International Electronic Cinema Festival (Japan) 2001

Director and Writer  Sally Ingleton
Director of Photography  Simon Smith
Editors  Peter Pritchard & Lawrie Silvestrin
Producers  Robin Eastwood & Andrew Ogilvie
An Electric Pictures and Robin Eastwood Co-Production 2000