Project Description

Silk and Steel

1 x 56 minute documentary

Silk and Steel takes an intimate view of the influence of women in Indonesian society. We follow the lives of three prominent Indonesian women:  television producer Sumita Tobing, devout Muslim and Asia’s first female rap star Denada, and Nursyahbani Katjasungkana, Indonesia’s foremost female lawyer who has been successful in prosecuting the first case of sexual harassment in the workplace.

As Asian economies boom and governments grapple with claims for democracy and human rights, women are now playing a key role in reshaping the traditional male dominated cultures of South East Asia – and Indonesia is no exception. Here women have always held second place.  They have been valued as wives and mothers yet denied the educational and legal opportunities offered to men. As workers they have suffered from sexual discrimination and been paid poor wages. Politically they are poorly represented and culturally they are increasingly under pressure from the Muslim religion to cover up and stay at home.

As we follow these three engaging women we witness their obstacles and victories as they seek to find their voice with a successful combination of ‘silk and steel’.

Director and Writer  Sally Ingleton
Director of Photography  Philip Bull
Editor  Peter Pritchard
Producers  Susan Fleming & Andrew Ogilvie
An Electric Pictures Production 1996