Project Description

The Human Race

1 x 56 minute documentary

The Human Race is a compelling adventure documentary set in the Kimberley Region – an ancient, remote and spectacular landscape in North Western Australia.  Three men from different continents begin the race on the rim of Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater, the second largest meteorite crater in the world, and finish in the small coastal town of Wyndham.

Australian Aboriginal elder, 72 year old Jack Jugarie, travels with little more than his Dreamtime knowledge and traditional bush skills; famous German survival expert, 61 year old Rüdiger Nehberg, thrives on testing himself to the limit of human endurance; and American ultra marathon runner, 35 year old Dave Covey, attempts to gain the winning edge by using advanced technology.

As the three competitors shake hands and begin their journey across an area locals dub ‘perishing country’ many viewers will wonder which of the three men will win. Each competitor is required not only to make the distance but also to survive off the land, finding his own food and water as best he can. It is a test of their endurance, survival skills and tenacity as they walk more than 500 kilometres through sun-scorched crocodile country to the tropical coast. The drama unfolds on an extremely personal level, showing not only the daunting physical challenge but also the strain on the competitors’ psychological stamina.  All three men are tested to the limit.

Triumph of the Spirit Award, Telluride Mountain Film Festival 1997
Peoples’ Choice Award, BANFF Intl Mountain & Adventure Film Festival 1997
Best Cinematography, Non-Feature Film, Australian Film Institute (AFI) Awards 1997
Special Mention by the Jury for Great Human Sportsmanship, Festival International du Film Maritime et d’Exploration 1997
Finalist, Festival du Film d’Adventure de Dijon 1997
Poprad Adventure Film Festival, Sport Rysy Award 1998
Finalist, Adventure Category, 9th International Mountain & Adventure Filmfestival Graz (Austria) 1998

Supervising Director   Peter du Cane
Directors  Chris Hilton, Richard Dennison & Ulrich Krafzik
Cinematographers  Wade Fairley, Ian Pugsley & Ulrich Krafzik
Supervising Editor  Peter Pritchard
Editors  Roland Smith, Peter Pritchard & Hugh Kitson
Producer  Andrew Ogilvie
An Electric Pictures Production 1997