Project Description

The President vs The Pirates

1 x 49 minute documentary

Twenty years of civil war and crippling drought have torn the once-prosperous East African nation of Somalia to shreds. And now pirates and terrorists are destroying what remains of civil society. As the turmoil continues fears are raised that it is breeding extremism and unending clan warfare. Enter Abdirahman Farole, one man with the eyes of the world on him, who could make a difference.

Farole is a Somali-Australian, and former refugee from Melbourne, who has returned to Somalia to become the President of the semi-autonomous State of Puntland, home to one third of Somalia’s population. Under President Farole Puntland has enjoyed relative peace and prosperity. The pirates are being driven out by his maritime police force and there’s talk of economic recovery fueled by the oil riches in the region. Our story begins at the crossroads as the President – and Puntland – face their greatest test: the pirates are back, Islamic militants are moving in and President Farole is determined to secure a final term in office to accomplish his dream of establishing a democratic system of government. Will Puntland be set on the road to becoming a modern African State?

Writer   Claire Jager
Field Director and Cinematographer  Tim Wise
Field Producer  Wayne Miller
Editors  David Fosdick & Ted McQueen-Mason
Executive Producers  Andrew Ogilvie, Andrea Quesnelle & Claire Jager
An Electric Pictures Production 2013