Project Description

Winds of Change

3 x 52 minute documentary series

A unique collaboration between Australian documentary producers and Asian filmmakers Winds of Change presents an insider’s perspective on the social and economic crisis in Asia of 1997. Filmmakers from Indonesia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong document the winds of historic change sweeping through their world.

Working unobtrusively the local filmmakers tell stories of their own communities with a kind of intimacy and depth that comes from being on the inside. From military abductions, to opium addiction, to the struggle for democracy; these are intimate accounts forged by a strong bond between filmmaker and subject. Stories about ordinary people during extraordinary times – their dreams and nightmares; their hopes and fears.

Nominated Rockie Award, Information Programs, Banff Awards 2000


Series Director and Writer  Alan Carter
Supervising Editor  Peter Pritchard
Series Producer  Andrew Ogilvie
An Alley Kat and Electric Pictures Co-Production 1999