Electric Pictures teams with Mallinson Sadler Productions to deliver a 10 part factual series Drain The Oceans.

Ghostly shapes beneath the waves are revealed in all their stunning glory in Drain The Oceans, as the water is removed from the picture to tell the story of how vessels sank, how modern technology operates in inhospitable climates, what ancient geological formations can tell us about life on Earth, where Nazi secrets now reside, and why so many continue to search for the legendary city of Atlantis. Criss-crossing the globe, the series visits the China Seas, the Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean, the Nile, the Pacific Rim, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea in its quest to explain natural wonders and man-made catastrophes.

Andrew Ogilvie of Electric Pictures: “I am thrilled to be joining Crispin, the team at MSP and National Geographic, to produce this landmark series. By combining resources, we are able to harness the skills and experience of some of the most talented television professionals in both the UK and Australia to produce a very high-quality series that will delight audiences wherever it is shown. It is a truly global project that takes the ‘draining’ technique of using CGI to peel back the ocean, and other large bodies of water, to reveal what lies below and applies it on a much larger scale than has been seen before.”

Drain The Oceans commenced its premiere broadcast on National Geographic Channel US on Monday 28 May and will come to Australia and the rest of the world soon.