The annual Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Awards were held in Melbourne last Thursday and Electric Pictures was excited to have Enigma Man A Stone Age Mystery nominated for two awards.

Better yet we are honoured to bring one of the awards home picking up Best Docudrama. The team work of Steve Westh, Consultant Director and Dramatic Reconstructions, and Director Daniella Ortega certainly made this all possible including the work of so many people amongst the cast and crew, including the Make Up Effects Group which made the most amazing stone age prosthetics.

Daniella Ortega reflects on bringing the Red Deer Cave People to life:

From very early on in the process of imagining this film, it was decided that we would recreate their world and the Red Deer Cave people in it. The question was how? Apart from writing the scenes, one of my biggest concerns was how to actually reconstruct them so that they were believable and ‘right’. Our Drama Director Steve Westh and myself, embarked on a process with an incredibly talented prosthetic makeup team, Paul Katte and Nick Nicolaou. Together with our scientists Darren and Ji we all worked to create the ‘best guess’ as to what these people looked like. Over weeks and ultimately months, our ‘man’ developed from sketches, then to models, and finally to moulds that would fit onto our actors. Finding the right actors was also critical – it was a tricky casting effort that needed to accommodate talent, skin colour, and facial shape. It was a fascinating process, very detailed and painstaking, but ultimately our Red Deer Cave people emerged – and they looked real AND right!