• The story of Modern Europe told through the glitz and sparkle of our favourite singing competition - the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • In the Kimberley region of Western Australia 1894, Jandamarra led a rebellion against invading pastoralists in defence of his people’s ancient land and culture. Until his death in brutal retribution, this formidable Bunuba warrior waged a 3-year guerilla war, earning him both the admiration of his people and international notoriety. Also available for streaming on our Vimeo On Demand Channel.
  • Full of amusing anecdotes and fascinating insights, we see how changing the way Aussie wine was made, and marketed, transformed it from ridicule - ‘not for drinking but for laying down and avoiding’ - into an extraordinary international success story!
  • Murdoch

    From friends, rivals and the odd Prime Minister – the life and times of the most controversial media magnate is revealed, starting with a single newspaper in Australia.

    Not available for sale outside of Australia.

  • Boomtown

    In the city of Perth - the leader of Australia's two-speed economy - we enter the surprisingly diverse world of seven self made millionaires to discover the secret of their success.
  • The personal story of Audrey, who in her early 20s escapes her suburban life and becomes a sheepherder for a summer season in the French Alps.
  • Scientists discover prehistoric bones in a remote cave in China unlike any others found before - are these Red Deer Cave remains a new human species?
  • An exciting, and often surprising account of the WWII campaigns in North Africa – the famous siege of Tobruk and the battle of El Alamein - with interviews from surviving Desert Rats.

    Also available for streaming on the Electric Pictures' Vimeo On Demand Channel
  • To mark the centenary of the Great War 1914-18, this epic 4 part series tells the story of Australia and the First World War as revealed through the lives of six Australians.