• Stories from survivors of the horrific terrorist attacks that took place in Mumbai November 2008 when highly trained gunmen rampaged through the city leaving a trail of dead behind them.

  • Biting and punchy, this is THE series for anyone who wants to know how the  global financial crisis of late 2008 came about, what it all means for us now, and what we can do to create a sustainable economy.

  • An underwater road movie where we get up close and personal with the crew of HMAS Rankin - the newest of Australia's controversial Collins Class Submarines.
  • A deliciously compelling look under the lei, and why the Hula Girl is one of the most potent and sexually alluring images in popular culture today.
  • This is a realm where science sometimes succeeds, sometimes fails... and real people depend on the outcome. From the bench-top to the bedside, this is the human face of science struggling to save children teetering at the edge of life and death.  
  • Ten indigenous artists from outback Australia journey to their traditional country, tracing the origins of the Dreamtime stories which inspire their work.
  • The impact of the 1997 Asian financial crisis on the everyday lives of individuals and families in Indonesia, Vietnam and Hong Kong.
  • The Human Race is a compelling adventure documentary where three men from different continents battle with Nature and race each other across the desert of the Kimberley Region.
  • Indonesian sea gypsies struggle to continue their traditional customs and fishing in Australian waters.

  • A fun and quirky music documentary featuring Kavisha Mazzella and the larger-than-life characters of the Fremantle Women's Choir, The Joys of the Women, who win fans wherever they go.