Coming up soon on 24 January The War That Changed Us will screen at the French TV film festival, FIPA – the Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels.

FIPA was founded in 1987 and is a festival with the aim of becoming the television equivalent of the Cannes Film Festival. It is presently held in Biarritz and offers many events in addition to the curated film festival including panels discussions and debates, a distributor market, film student activities, and opportunities for film professionals to connect.  It seems a pretty important event in the French film calendar looking on afar from Perth, and a French colleague did tell us to definitely enter if we had the chance.

FIPA had infact been approaching us for the last few years always interested to view our latest production. Usually though we would have to decline an actual submission to the festival as FIPA always required us to provided French sub-titles, which is a too costly affair when you are an independent film producer. This year however they kindly waived this requirement and did the sub-titles themselves.  So we provided a screener of The War That Changed Us and happily they selected Episode 1 for the festival.

It would have been great to attend and schmooze with the crowd, but we couldn’t really justify the expense (sorry Don!). Maybe next time…. Let’s hope.