This 4 part series The War That Changed Us is one of our finest productions yet. A real collaborative effort from our key creatives, crew and cast. We actually started on the idea of a WW1 series a few years ago, realising an anniversary was coming up and the market would be after content. We went through a few iterations of the treatment, discussed it with potential co-pro partners, and pitched it to global broadcasters. The final result was a commission from the ABC here in Australia. We then set to work to put together a team of creatives to research the archives and discover the Australian WW1 stories that would bring the Australian experience of the war to life.

We wanted perspectives of the battlefront seen through the eyes of soldiers and nurses, and perspectives of the struggle on the home front seen through the eyes of pro-war and anti-war campaigners. We read diaries, letters, newspapers, official reports, and settled on six characters who didn’t just tell us what they experienced – but who could also tell us how they felt about what they experienced.

We’ve had great reviews with Debi Enker at The Age naming it Show of the Week in the Greenguide and comparing the series to the seminal 1990 Ken Burns documentary The Civil War. She goes on to say:

…series director Don Featherstone and James Bogle, who directed the re-enactments, create a seamless and handsome production.The reconstructions lend the stories a genuine intimacy, the casting is effective and the location scenes make the most of Melbourne’s heritage architecture.The interviews feature eloquent historians filmed in elegant rooms. The result is a well-constructed hybrid, with the opener effectively setting the scene for a further exploration of a momentous period in our national history.

The DVD of the series will be available soon after the broadcast of the final episode, so ready for shipping around 11 September 2014. You can pre-order in our DVD store.